Fish it Forward Program

PBA and others helped contribute over $2,500 to the youth program in 2016 by helping fund youth events, giving away tackle and gear, and taking them fishing.  This year we are starting a new program called "Fish it Forward".  The goal of this program is to collect decent to good rods and reels that anglers no longer use and give them to the PBA's youth. 

So how does this benefit you?  Each open event in 2017 we will have a $250 Fish it Forward side pot for anyone that donates a rod or reel (no additional cost to the anglers, but minimum of 5 donations needed).  This sidepot will be awarded to the heaviest weight of the participants (winner takes all). You can donate several items or only one item to qualify. PBA and PBA's youth are really pulling for you to get rid of those rods and reels you don't use anymore. 

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